Immigration law is a highly complex field as the laws, regulations, and policies constantly change.

Even for petitions filed by United States citizens, immigration benefits are not a matter of right. Rather, in most cases, the ultimate determination is usually left to the discretion of the USCIS officer adjudicating the case. Such discretion can be unpredictable and lead to inconsistent results – “easy” cases are often rejected and “impossible” cases are sometimes approved. The USCIS places the burden of proof on the applicant to show their eligibility and entitlement to an immigration benefit. That is why it is important for clients to document and demonstrate with evidence each and every criteria in their cases.

Too often clients involve an immigration attorney too late in the process. The damage may have already been done, or the case lost, before it has even really begun. The cost of involving an attorney, at this late stage to repair the problems caused at the outset are much greater than if the client had employed competent legal counsel from the beginning. By involving an attorney from the start the client can make their case stronger and more likely to be approved with no problems.

Attorney Michael MacDonald’s policy with each of his cases is to ensure that every petition submitted contains documentation that exceeds the requirements of federal law and regulation. As such, the cases submitted to the USCIS and US Embassy’s are so strongly documented that there is little chance for rejection or denial.

Before you begin the process, consult with the law Offices of Michael MacDonald so that we can set you on the right path.