Uncontested No-Fault Settlements

If a divorcing couple is able to agree on how issues such as property division or child custody should be resolved, they are often able to significantly reduce the expense, both fiscal and emotional, associated with a contested divorce.

Attorney MacDonald will draft the settlement agreement on your behalf and file the necessary pleadings with the Court. Thereafter, both parties will be required to appear before the court to answer any questions that the court may have regarding the settlement agreement and the parties’ divorce.

The Judgment of Divorce will enter 30 days from the date of the divorce hearing, and will become final 90 days thereafter, for a total of 120 days during which the parties are not legally able to remarry.

Massachusetts ethics rules forbid an attorney from representing more than one party in an uncontested divorce action. Therefore, all parties are fully advised in advance that although Attorney MacDonald is preparing and presenting their joint, uncontested divorce to the court for approval he can only technically represent one party in the action.