Legal Assistance for the Small Budget Litigant

Many Attorneys will work with their clients to the contain costs and expenses associated with pursuing a legal claim. But what if that’s not enough?
In 2009 the Massachusetts Court system expanded the Limited Assistance Representation program to all Courts in the Commonwealth. In the past, hiring an Attorney involved a large up–front retainer and the attorney was expected to represent you in all aspects of your case from the beginning until the end. However, Limited Assistance Representation (or “LAR”) enables the client to retain greater control of the legal process, by allowing the client to limit the scope of the attorney’s role.

Limited Assistance Representation allows an attorney to make a limited appearance on behalf of an unrepresented party for a specific purpose. Under the new LAR rules, you may hire an attorney to represent you on only certain aspects of your case, such as drafting pleadings or appearing in court, while enabling you to save the costs of attorney’s fees by doing the less complicated aspects of your case.

Attorney Michael MacDonald has been qualified to provide this service and is able to offer yet another, cost effective, way to resolve your disputes.