Child Support

Determining the proper Child Support amount is deceptively simple under the Massachusetts child support guidelines. However, in order to arrive at the correct child support guidelines, litigants must be able to determine the correct numbers that are included in these calculations. This can be exceptionally tricky were one parent has a small business and may have an incentive to under-report their actual income. In such instances it is imperative that the other party consult an experienced attorney who can help determine what income has been under reported and who can work with you in order to determine the correct child support amounts.

Furthermore, child support, like any issue concerning the care, custody or support of a child is modifiable. Modification requests, must be based on a substantial change in circumstances, such as a loss of a job, a change of job and an increase in one parent’s gross income. Where such circumstances exist it is imperative that the party seeking a modification motion the court as soon as possible so as to insure that the Child Support that is actually paid reflects the current financial circumstances of the parties.